Dave Perry,
Wicked Fishah (Blog)

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Skip Bandini at many local Outdoor Expositions in the New England Area. I was intrigued by the stylish and comfortable clothing line he displays. As an avid fisherman who spends more than 150 days a year on the water or on the ice, I need to utilize gear that is not only comfortable, but that performs. Fish Bandit® Premier Clothing does just that. On the cool days of spring and fall, my Fish Bandit® long-sleeved jersey keeps me warm and protected. Yet, on the dog days of summer, the wicking properties of the fabric keeps me cool and dry. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a day of fishing only to be uncomfortable due to improper gear or clothing. Finally, the thought and artwork that goes into designs and logos is ahead of the pack as compared to other angler driven product lines. Thank you Skip and the entire Fish Bandit® family for helping me make the most out of my adventures. I’m a true fan!

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